On July 8, the San Francisco Police Department arrested 117 people in association with the infamous “hill bomb” event at Dolores Park.

We used witness statements, police records, social media posts, video, and photographs to put together a timeline of events.

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Gilare Zada is a Kurdish American, hailing from San Diego, California. She attended Stanford University, where she earned her bachelor's in English and her master's in journalism. During her time writing for the Stanford magazine and the Peninsula Press, she grew passionate about narrative form and function within the reporting sphere. At Mission Local, Gilare hopes to use her data skills to deliver human stories, as well as add Spanish to her list of four languages.

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    1. I can’t believe what I’ve just read! San Francisco has always been a SKATEBOARD MECCA. Some of the skate spots here are world famous. The Dolores Hill Bomb should be embraced
      and encouraged by the city. It could be a legally sanctioned event. Then you wouldn’t see the rioting and violence that stems from the anger at the police. This whole thing could’ve been avoided and the City could have actually made money instead spending a ton of tax payer dollars.
      How much money did the City spend that night to arrest a bunch of kids being kids and why do they do nothing, literally nothing about the hundreds of illegal aliens who flood the Tenderloin and SOMA with fentanyl every single day of the year? SFPD have their priorities seriously screwed up!

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  1. Interesting how my comment pointing out your use of the racist “paddy wagon” term just never made it out of moderation, and the term is still in there.

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    1. Sir or madam — 

      Please, it’s not a conspiracy. I’m noticing this now and we’ve changed the term.


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  2. How about the young adults arrested and booked at Bryant station and put in holding cells. Are they part of this law suit or do they need a separate law suit base on being 18+=

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  3. Fantastic reporting. Makes it very clear that at no point was this about law, order, or safety, but about showing power. The police have power, but they choose to use it to harm instead of help. The SFPD is a deeply evil organization, like every other police force in the nation.

    To everyone in these comment saying how this “proves” the police right and the kids wrong: go lick boots somewhere else, there are plenty of new stations steno-graphing police reports where you can pledge your allegiance to the leopards-eating-faces party.

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  4. How are youth ever going to learn discipline when the message sent by authority, by the SFPD, is that there really are no rules?

    SFPD teaches youth to disrespect and suspect authority which is actually the right lesson.

    Disband the SFPD, bust the SFPOA.

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